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Our holiday farm is the oldest in the Savinja Valley and at the same time one of the oldest in Slovenia. Our first guest book is from the year 1964, but our tradition goes back at least another thirty years. The main activity of the farm has always been cattle farming but around 1934 grandmother Veronika wanted to make some extra money and began to welcome guests. Initially, they only stayed for a night and then continued their journey to the Logar Valley, but since she was an excellent cook she started offering food. The guests were satisfied and over the years our farm has earned a good reputation. According to mother Jožica, the first guests were from Serbia and Vienna. Some guests from Germany and Croatia have been returning every year for the last twenty, thirty or even forty years. Why? The main reasons are: peace, breathtaking views and delicious homemade food.

Turistična kmetija Stoglej
Milena Marolt
Podveža 3
3334 Luče
00386 31 494 196
00386 3 838 40 31 stoglej@siol.net

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